What is The Healthy Mummy - how will it help you?

The Healthy Mummy product range & 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge empower

women to lose unwanted kilos in a healthy, nourishing & sustainable way! 


28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE - when you join this amazing Challenge you get access to  - 

-     28 Days of family friendly & healthy menus, covering all meals & daily nutritional needs.

-     Personalised weekly shopping list & customisable meal plans to suit a busy family

-    Access to over 3,000 recipes in the Recipe Hub

-    28 days of at home exercises including a Fitness test, Dance Fit & Tabata Sessions.....

-    Expert advice & support from the Healthy Mummy team & 1,000s of other like minded Mums

 -   We educate you to make better food choices with easy to prepare, delicious & nutritious meals.

-    Key focus is on a healthy & balanced lifestyle NOT a quick fix or rapid weight loss. 

SMOOTHIES - available in Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry & Pregnancy Vanilla.  

          NEW - Caramel, Coffee Flavours, Choc Orange & Choc Mint, Banana.

-    96% Sugar free

-    Gluten & Dairy Free

-    100% Fructose Free

-    100% artificial sweetener free

-    High in Protein & lower in sugar than any other product on the market.

-    Accelerant & filler free

-    Formulated by leading Nutritionists

-    Low GI & High Fibre

-    Breastfeeding Friendly

   As an Independent Healthy Mummy Consultant - I pre purchase all the products -

  Smoothies, Books, ebooks, Clothing, Smoothie Shakers, Drink Bottles & DVDs in the

  Healthy Mummy range.  

  I get paid by direct sales to you & really appreciate your support.  

  If you find an amazing deal on The Healthy Mummy website, please feel free to contact me.  

  If it is too good a deal to match I will provide you with my unique link to make an online purchase.

  That way this amazing company support me by awarding me a commission.  

-  https://secure.healthymummy.com/shop/?lbwref=180   - use this link to direct you to the Healthy Mummy Shop

-  https://secure.healthymummy.com/28-day-challenge-signup-2017/?lbwref=180    

 - use this link to access the 28 Day Challenge (search for my name - Gerri Quirke - in the drop down box too)

             Email - gerri.quirke@thehealthymummy.com

            Join our FACEBOOK Private Support Group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthEastHealthyMummySupportFitnessConsultant/



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